About Us


This congregation was started in 1928. It grew because people reached out with the good news. They had pastors led of the Lord to expand the kingdom. It was a white (caucasian) church in a white neighborhood. All that changed as Houston grew. Records show attendance around 600. A picture shows the large number of children, youth and adults.
The neighborhood changed, children grew up and moved out. New neighborhoods moved in. Most of them Hispanic and a portion of them Black. Our neighborhood is now approximately 65 % Hispanic, 30% Black and 5% White most of whom are older folks.
This is our church. The doors are open. We are an open church and our church body reflects this make up. It is great. We want to meet the Spiritual needs of our community. Will you come in and minister and pray and reach others with us? We are here in the name of the Lord Jesus. We need each of you telling the good news.



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