The God Questions

Current Sermon Series Is God real? If so, why is there pain and suffering? Did we evolve? Be sure to join us for our continuing sermon series: “The God Questions”.

Christmas Schedule

The adult English and Spanish Bible studies are cancelled Wednesday night, December 21. But the children are having a pizza special that Wednesday night! There will be no breakfast or Sunday School Christmas morning. Please join us for the regular service at 10:45 AM! The kids will not have Wednesday Bible Study on the 28th.

Free Family Photos and Church Directory

Thursday (yes, Thursday) September 15th, Church Directory will be here at North Central taking pictures of individuals and families. You will receive a free 8″x10″, and a free directory with no sitting fee. Please sign up after service, or call the church office to reserve a time.

School Uniform Swap

This is a great way to save money  on school uniforms! Your kids can get clothes that older kids have outgrown, and younger kids may be able to wear uniforms that your kids have outgrown! Sunday, August 14th after the church service. We are also looking for donations of school supplies, such as pens, pencils, … [Read more…]

Air Conditioner

Thanks to a generous grant from First Baptist Church, we were able to purchase a new air conditioner unit for the sanctuary! Sam Longoria is working out the last bugs for the installation, and we hope it will be fully operational for VBS tomorrow night!

Father’s Day

Remember to bring the baby bottles filled with change this Sunday the 18th. (Currency works, too!) The proceeds go to help expectant mothers and little unborn babies.