Just Google It Listen
Tastes Like Honey Listen
Atheism? That’s not Logical Captain. Watch
Encouragement for the New Year Listen
The Light of the World—Not just a Light on a Christmas Tree Listen
The Wise Men Listen
How much is it worth? Listen
Greet one another with an holy kiss Listen
Wash Me Listen
Who are they Preaching About? Listen
The Power that is With Us Still Listen
The Realities of Life Listen
Using the Power that we are Provided Listen
Secret Service Christians Listen
Staying Busy in the Lord’s Work Listen
The Great Flood Listen
The Lame Walk, the Mute Speak, and the Blind See Listen
He Knows our Names (Edgar Merino) Listen
The Bank of Time Listen
Our Most Important Report Card Listen
Discipleship Listen
Anxiety Listen
The Papa Elephants Listen
What Comes out of the Sponge? Listen
Saul and the Witch of Endor Listen
The Volunteer State Listen
One Rotten Egg out of 100 Listen
Waiting Listen
How Will You Die? Listen
The Hope of the Wharf Rats Listen
The Foal of a Donkey Listen
Our Hiding Place Listen
Sleeping Through the Storm Listen
Elijah, the Prophets of Baal, and Depression Listen
Pain and Suffering – The God Questions Part 4 Listen
The God Questions Part 3 Listen
The Mirror – The God Questions Part 2 Listen
Is God Real? – The God Questions Part 1 Listen
Is Anything too Difficult for God? Listen
The Nicene Creed Listen